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Creating test data with WireMock

Testing end to end of complex systems is often complicated by stability problems. Testers are involved in the development process from the very beginning when a majority of endpoints are not yet implemented. Also for some reasons we might have a limited access to particular microservices.

Grzegorz Bech |

05 May 2021

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Creating test data with WireMock

05 May 2021 | Grzegorz Bech

Testing end to end of complex systems is often complicated by stability problems. Testers are involved in the development process from the very beginning when a majority of endpoints are not yet implemented. Also for some reasons we might have a limited access to particular microservices.

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UI Test automation design framework with Selenium

07 Apr 2021 | Adam Samsonowicz

In this article I will show you design approaches to improve readability and maintanability of your selenium framework. If your page objects are too big or selenium util classes are too complex then it's for you. Let me introduce our PageObject that you could have seen before.

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Testing REST API with Serenity and Rest-assured

06 Apr 2020 | Jacek Zygiel

Rest-assured is a Java framework for testing and validating REST APIs.

Serenity is an automated BDD(Behaviour driven development) acceptance testing framework. Rest-assured combined with Serenity in connection provides a tool for easy creating of BDD api tests and generates neat and good looking reports.

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Improve your tests and codebase by "Mutation Testing" - part 2

29 Jan 2020 | Kamil Orłowski

In the previous article I presented the main idea of Mutation Testing. In order to better understand this concept, so far, my reflections covered only an example of a simple code where Traditional Mutation Operators have been used. In this part, you will get introduced to the concept of subsequent groups of Mutation Operators. I will show you also how to configure PIT with the Intellij IDEA.

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Improve your tests and codebase by "Mutation Testing" - part 1

16 Jan 2020 | Kamil Orłowski

All experienced developers have a good understanding of how significant for the quality of the product is a source code covered by high quality test suites. Depending on a company or even a team, we can come across many different test procedures and test frameworks. Regardless of that, at the end of the day, we are faced with a codebase covered by tests.

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Testing Spring Boot Application secured with JSON Web Tokens using REST-assured library

27 Nov 2019 | Emil Troczyński

REST-assured is a very well crafted library making test effort a lot simpler and more efficient. Combined with Spring Boot, gradle and TestNG, it allows implement complicated application with ease.

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Interaction with TeamCity using service messages and REST api

23 Oct 2019 | Marcin Halastra

This article treats about interactions with TeamCity – about controlling its flow or getting useful information. All interaction examples will in form of python snippets – for service messages it will be simple prints and for REST – ‘requests’ library.

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Custom formatters in Cucumber

18 Sep 2019 | Bartek Drzewiński

I’ve been working with cucumber-java test framework for some time now and I must admit, I really like what is possible to achieve by using it. Of course, it is quite common in test automation, that more often it is required to do something that is nearly impossible than otherwise.

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Test Automation with Python

31 Jul 2019 | Marcin Halastra

Python code just like in any other language requires testing. Unittest is a python framework dedicated for it. It has origins in Junit in terms of code structure and behavior. In this article I will try to illuminate a little bit the topic of testing in Python and provide some good practices.

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Building executable jar with Cucumber tests

10 Jul 2019 | Bartek Drzewiński

Depending on how continuous integration and regression testing is constructed in a project, there might be a need to run the same tests couple of times - without any changes to the test framework or tests suites itself. 

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Test your REST API with Spock - Introduction to Spock Framework

29 May 2019 | Dominik Stolarski

In this article I'd like to show you how to test your API with Spock Framework. Spock is a testing framework for Java and Groovy applications. It extends JUnit runner and let us write shorter and more readable code. Spock supports unit testing, BDD and Mocking. It is also great for Data Driven Testing.

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Tips & tricks learned during years of using Jenkins

01 May 2019 | Karol Wybraniec

I would like to share with you some useful ways of working with Jenkins, as well as methods of coping with various issues that I (and probably a lot of you) faced during my career in QA scope. It is also worth to mention some reliable plugins. I’ve found them helpful and time-saving, so it pays to get them together in this short blogpost.

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Mocking objects with Python

06 mar 2019 | Marcin Halastra

Mocking is just pretending to be and simulating specific behavior, we can replace our code’s parts with fake objects and verify how system behaves. At some point our system’s code starts to be complicated and have so many dependencies what makes it impossible to test without mocks. To cover all corner cases or to freely control our test scenario flow we have to simulate part of functionality – we have to force it to behave in exact way we want. For this purpose python uses unitest.mock library which is a standard library starting from Python 3.3 (for older versions installation is required).

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Introduction to performance tests using JMeter

27 Feb 2019 | Dominik Stolarski

JMeter is an open-source JAVA-based load testing tool for measuring and analyzing performance of services and applications. It simulates user behavior by sending requests to server. It can be used for testing variety of protocols and services like HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP / REST Webservices, FTP, JDBC, LDAP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and many others.

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Pytest - why it's more popular than unittest?

06 Feb 2019 | Karol Wybraniec

In my professional career I used to write tests with both frameworks: unittest and pytest. Both are great tools with certain pros and cons, but pytest is significantly more popular these days. In this short blogpost I am going to share with you a couple of pytest’s features, that in my opinion, provide the answer for the heading question.

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Parametrized tests - solutions overview (TestNG, JUnit4, JUnit5)

07 Nov 2018 | Paweł Proc

Parametrized tests are a lot easier to maintain. Usually when single requirement changes it’s enough to change one variable in the code. You don’t have to read the whole implementation of the test (If you know what your variable means).

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How to make Nigthwatch.js library work with async/await?

25 Oct 2018 | Paweł Proc

Although it's quite powerful tool, you need to customize it to get the full benefit of it. One of these improvements is usage of async/await commands (from Node 7.6 version). In this article I am going to show you how to adjust your code to make this commands work.

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The benefits of Code Reviews

10 Oct 2018 | Maciej Krzysica

Are you tired of scrolling through dozens of red and green files in code reviews, only to click “Reviewed” after a few minutes of staring at the screen? You should be. Because this is not the point of reviewing the code.

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Node.js module testing with Chai and Sinon framework

03 Oct 2018 | Grzegorz Wziątek

In this article I will show you how to write unit tests for Node.js modules and its dependencies from scratch.

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Building Selenium framework in java (part IV) - answer job interview questions like a pro

19 Sep 2018 | Bartek Drzewiński

In my opinion, Software Developer in Test job interviews are one of the most demanding interviews in IT market. How come?

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JUnit 5: Preview of new possibilities

05 Sep 2018 | Przemysław Sobierajski

JUnit 5 comes with a bunch of new features. In this article I will briefly describe most of them.

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Building Selenium framework in java (part III) - how do you fit Cucumber in there

22 Aug 2018 | Bartek Drzewiński

In this article let me explain how I think Cucumber fits Selenium based test framework written in java

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Building Selenium framework in java (part II) - do it right for the first time

11 Jul 2018 | Bartek Drzewiński

In this article I would like to share with you how I build new end to end testing solutions for web projects. I’ll try to explain how well thought test framework architecture can improve test code quality.

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JUnit 5: Quick start guide

04 Jul 2018 | Przemysław Sobierajski

JUnit 5 enables many different styles of testing and focuses on Java 8 and above. In this article I will show you how to start with new version of JUnit.

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Building Selenium framework in java (part I) - what should you know before you start

27 Jun 2018 | Bartek Drzewiński

Nowadays test automation is an integral part of software development process. I decided to create series of blog entries, which will describe how to create customized Selenium test framework in java from scratch to make it fully functional, easy to use and maintain.

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